Friday, July 27, 2012


It all began with a challenge to drink three shots of tequila.

It’s unlike me to deny a challenge, especially one like this; this challenge alone will prove me. Watch me as I break through the barriers of gender roles and being a goody-two-shoes. Girls are lightweights? Ha. And who would’ve imagined me ever taking shots? I told you all that I'd show you!

Suddenly all the gender roles restraining me will collapse. Suddenly my facebook will be filled with instagrammed piles of proof of this night. I don’t care about rules!

I’m a person defined by the challenges that I take. I swore I'd prove everyone wrong so watch me.

Regardless of how that turned out, shots or not, the general response was, “That’s cool.” And we moved on.  
This isn’t a post to condone drinking. But, it’s true that sometimes you have to take a shot at things. Little things like challenges where standing on your own, you define yourself by your thoughts and beliefs. Maybe that makes me prove people right in some ways, or wrong (seriously, goody-two-shoes?) but if that's how I really am, it doesn't make a bit of difference.

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